The 2016 Rust Conference Lineup

July 25, 2016 · Rust Community

The Rust Community is holding three major conferences in the near future, and we wanted to give a shout-out to each, now that all of the lineups are fully announced.

Sept 9-10: RustConf

RustConf is a two-day event held in Portland, OR, USA on September 9-10. The first day offers tutorials on Rust given directly by members of the Rust core team, ranging from absolute basics to advanced ownership techniques. The second day is the main event, with talks at every level of expertise, covering both core Rust concepts and design patterns, production use of Rust, reflections on the RFC process, and systems programming in general. We offer scholarship for those who would otherwise find it difficult to attend. Join us in lovely Portland and hear about the latest developments in the Rust world!

Follow us on Twitter @rustconf.

Sept 17-18: Rust Fest

Join us at RustFest, Europe's first conference dedicated to the Rust programming language. Over the weekend 17-18th September we'll gather in Berlin to talk Rust, its ecosystem and community. All day Saturday will have talks with topics ranging from hardware and testing over concurrency and disassemblers, and all the way to important topics like community, learning and empathy. While Sunday has a focus on learning and connecting, either at one of the many workshops we are hosting or in the central meet-n-greet-n-hack area provided.

Thanks to the many awesome sponsors, we are able to offer affordable tickets to go on sale this week, with an optional combo—including both Viewsource and RustFest. Keep an eye on, get all the updates on the blog and don't forget to follow us on Twitter @rustfest

Oct 27-28: Rust Belt Rust

Rust Belt Rust is a two-day conference in Pittsburgh, PA, USA on October 27 and 28, 2016, and people with any level of Rust experience are encouraged to attend. The first day of the conference has a wide variety of interactive workshops to choose from, covering topics like an introduction to Rust, testing, code design, and implementing operating systems in Rust. The second day is a single track of talks covering topics like documentation, using Rust with other languages, and efficient data structures. Both days are included in the $150 ticket! Come learn Rust in the Rust Belt, and see how we've been transforming the region from an economy built on manufacturing to an economy built on technology.

Follow us on Twitter @rustbeltrust.