The 2018 Rust Event Lineup

Jan. 31, 2018 · Rust Community

Every year there are multiple Rust events around the world, bringing together the community. Despite being early in the year, we're excited to be able to highlight several events that are already being organized!

This year, one of the Rust Team's primary goals is to "Connect and empower Rust’s global community.". We'll be working throughout the year to encourage and support Rust events all over the globe.

As always, there are nearly a hundred Rust User Groups worldwide. If you haven't already, take a look at the Rust Community calendar, to see if there's an upcoming event near you.

If you are already running a Rust event or are interested in starting one, email the Rust Community Team! We can offer you support and guidance, as well as advertise the event in blog posts like these.

February 1-4: Mozilla Rust Roadshow Brasil 2018

The Mozilla Rust Roadshow Brasil is a series of workshops that will happen throughout the country between February 1st and 4th to broaden the adoption of Rust in Brazil. The project is organized by developers and community leaders, contributing along with Mozilla Brasil community organizers.

Find more about who's leading and contributing to the Mozilla Rust Roadshow Brasil 2018 in Adding Superheroes to the Rust Brazilian Community.

Learn about the workshops and where they are happening on the Roadshow website.

February 3-4: FOSDEM - Rust Dev Room

After a very successful Birds of a Feather session for Rust last year at FOSDEM, this year will have the first edition of the Rust Dev Room. Co-located with FOSDEM 2018, the annual conference about free and open source software, it will bring together the Rust community in Brussels, Belgium.

A fully packed Sunday brings you 16 talks covering topics ranging from GUI programming, robotics and multimedia to idiomatic Rust, testing and memory management. Check out the full devroom schedule.

May 26-27: RustFest Paris

The fourth iteration of RustFest will happen on May 26th and 27th in Paris, France. Once again there will be a full day of talks and a second day with multiple workshops, allowing you to learn, connect and code together with other Rustaceans.

The CfP and ticket sales will open soon. Keep an eye on, get all updates on the blog and don’t forget to follow @rustfest on Twitter. Want to get a glimpse into what it's like? Check out last year's videos from Kyiv or Zurich!

August 16-17: RustConf

RustConf is a two-day event held in Portland, OR, USA on August 16-17.

The first day will again offer tutorials on Rust given directly by members of the Rust core team, ranging from absolute basics to advanced ownership techniques. The second day is the main event, with talks at every level of expertise, so don't miss the CfP to submit your talk soon!

More details will be available on You can also follow @rustconf on Twitter for all announcements.

October: Rust Belt Rust

Rust Belt Rust will have its third iteration this year in October. You can once again expect two days of talks and workshops.

More details will come soon. Follow @rustbeltrust on Twitter for the latest news.