Announcing Rust 1.30.1

Nov. 8, 2018 · The Rust Release Team

The Rust team is happy to announce a new version of Rust, 1.30.1. Rust is a systems programming language focused on safety, speed, and concurrency.

If you have a previous version of Rust installed via rustup, getting Rust 1.30.1 is as easy as:

rustup update stable

If you don't have it already, you can get rustup from the appropriate page on our website, and check out the detailed release notes for 1.30.1 on GitHub.

What's in 1.30.1 stable

This patch release fixes broken Cargo progress bars in MSYS terminals on Windows by capping the progress bar width to 60 columns. This doesn't affect other terminal emulators (like cmd.exe or PowerShell).

This patch release also fixes a compiler panic that happened while building the docs of some crates in Rust 1.30.0. The crates impacted were widely used, so this change impacted a considerable amount of users, which made it sufficiently prominent for us to issue a point release.