Changes in the Core Team

Jan. 31, 2022 · The Rust Core Team

We want to say thanks to three people who recently have decided to step back from the Core Team:

  • Steve Klabnik is leaving the Core Team and the Security Response Working Group. Steve started with Rust more than 9 years ago. He was the primary author of the Rust Programming Language book and part of the core team since 2014. He has been running the @rustlang Twitter account and as such formed a lot of the “voice” of the project. Steve will now be able to focus on using Rust instead of making Rust.

  • Florian Gilcher is stepping back from all of his project positions.
    He became a Core Team observer in 2019 and a full Core Team member in 2020. He also served as a project director on the Rust foundation board. Before all of that he was part of the Community Team since 2015. As he's focusing on his company and taking on other business obligations, he is making space for others in the project.

  • Pietro Albini is leaving the Core Team to focus on other parts of the project, including the Infrastructure Team and the Security Response Working Group. He joined the Core Team in late 2019, shortly after becoming a co-lead of the Infrastructure Team, but the amount of work in the Core Team made it hard for him to spend enough time on his other roles in the project.

We're thankful for Steve's, Florian's and Pietro's contributions to the Core Team & the Rust project in the past and we’re looking forward to any contributions they will still make in the future.