Announcing Rustup 1.25.0

July 11, 2022 · The Rustup Working Group

The rustup working group is happy to announce the release of rustup version 1.25.0. Rustup is the recommended tool to install Rust, a programming language that is empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software.

If you have a previous version of rustup installed, getting rustup 1.25.0 is as easy as stopping any programs which may be using Rustup (e.g. closing your IDE) and running:

rustup self update

Rustup will also automatically update itself at the end of a normal toolchain update:

rustup update

If you don't have it already, you can get rustup from the appropriate page on our website.

What's new in rustup 1.25.0

This version of Rustup involves a significant number of internal cleanups, both in terms of the Rustup code and its documentation. In addition to a lot of work on the codebase itself, due to the length of time since the last release this one has a record number of contributors and we thank you all for your efforts and time.

One of the biggest changes in 1.25.0 is the new offer on Windows installs to auto-install the Visual Studio 2022 compilers which should simplify the process of getting started for people not used to developing on Windows with the MSVC-compatible toolchains.

A second important change for 1.25.0 is a number of PRs focussed around startup performance for Rustup. While it may not seem all that important to many, Rustup's startup time is a factor in the time it takes to do builds which involve large numbers of crates on systems which do not have large numbers of CPU cores. Hopefully the people for whom this is a common activity will notice an improvement; though there's more opportunity to speed things up still available.

Some, but by no means all, of the rest of this release's highlights includes support for rustup default none to unset the default toolchain, support for Windows arm64, inclusion of rust-gdbgui as a proxy so that platforms which support it can use GDB's gui mode with Rust, and some improvements to

Full details are available in the changelog!

Rustup's documentation is also available in the rustup book.


Thanks again to all the contributors who made rustup 1.25.0 possible!

  • 二手掉包工程师 (hi-rustin)
  • Brian Bowman (Seeker14491)
  • Jon Gjengset (jonho)
  • pierwill
  • Daniel Silverstone (kinnison)
  • Robert Collins (rbtcollins)
  • Alan Somers (asomers)
  • Brennan Vincent (umanwizard)
  • Joshua Nelson (jyn514)
  • Eric Huss (ehuss)
  • Will Bush (willbush)
  • Thad Guidry (thadguidry)
  • Alexander Lovchin (alovchin91)
  • zoodirector
  • Takayuki Nakata (giraffate)
  • Yusuke Abe (chansuke)
  • Wyatt Carss (wcarss)
  • Sondre Aasemoen (sondr3)
  • facklambda
  • Chad Dougherty (crd477)
  • Noritada Kobayashi (noritada)
  • Milan (mdaverde)
  • Pat Sier (pjsier)
  • Matt Keeter (mkeeter)
  • Alex Macleod (alexendoo)
  • Sathwik Matsa (sathwikmatsa)
  • Kushal Das (kushaldas)
  • Justus Winter (teythoon)
  • k900
  • Nicolas Ambram (nico-abram)
  • Connor Slade (basicprogrammer10)
  • Yerkebulan Tulibergenov (yerke)
  • Caleb Cartwright (calebcartwright)
  • Matthias Beyer (matthiasbeyer)
  • spacemaniac
  • Alex Touchet (atouchet)
  • Guillaume Gomez (guillaumegomez)
  • Chris Denton (chrisdenton)
  • Thomas Orozco (krallin)
  • cui fliter (cuishuang)
  • Martin Nordholts (enselic)
  • Emil Gardström (emilgardis)
  • Arlo Siemsen (arlosi)