Changes in the Core Team

July 12, 2022 · The Rust Core Team

We want to say farewell and thanks to a couple of people who are stepping back from the Core Team:

  • Aidan Hobson Sayers is leaving the Core Team and other roles. Joining the Core Team in 2018, he started out on the project with fixing CI issues and has been a member of the Infrastructure Team since its inception (moving through lead and co-lead). Aidan wants to dedicate more time to working with the Rust community and growing Rust usage at his company, and is looking forward to doing so from the other side of the fence.

  • Ashley Williams will be stepping down from the Core Team and other roles. She became a member of the Core Team in 2018 and has had impact on many parts of the project, from leading the Community team, to setting up PagerDuty for Infrastructure and, to the Wasm working group, to Increasing Rust’s Reach and Rustbridge, to her instrumental work creating the Rust Foundation and serving as its first Executive Director. Ashley is leaving her role in the project to focus on her newly founded company.

Many thanks to both of them for their contributions and we look forward to seeing their future efforts with Rust!