Introducing the Rust Leadership Council

June 20, 2023 · Leadership Council on behalf of Leadership Council

As of today, RFC 3392 has been merged, forming the new top level governance body of the Rust Project: the Leadership Council. The creation of this Council marks the end of both the Core Team and the interim Leadership Chat.

The Council will assume responsibility for top-level governance concerns while most of the responsibilities of the Rust Project (such as maintenance of the compiler and core tooling, evolution of the language and standard libraries, administration of infrastructure, etc.) remain with the nine top level teams.

Each of these top level teams, as defined in the RFC, has chosen a representative who collectively form the Council:

  • Compiler: Eric Holk
  • Carol (Nichols || Goulding)
  • Dev Tools: Eric Huss
  • Infrastructure: Ryan Levick
  • Language: Jack Huey
  • Launching Pad1: Jonathan Pallant
  • Library: Mara Bos
  • Moderation: Khionu Sybiern
  • Release: Mark Rousskov

First, we want to take a moment to thank the Core Team and interim Leadership Chat for the hard work they've put in over the years. Their efforts have been critical for the Rust Project. However, we do recognize that the governance of the Rust Project has had its shortcomings. We hope to build on the successes and improve upon the failures to ultimately lead to greater transparency and accountability.

We know that there is a lot of work to do and we are eager to get started. In the coming weeks we will be establishing the basic infrastructure for the group, including creating a plan for regular meetings and a process for raising agenda items, setting up a team repository, and ultimately completing the transition from the former Rust leadership structures.

We will post more once this bootstrapping process has been completed.

  1. The RFC defines the launching pad team as a temporary umbrella team to represent subteams that do not currently have a top-level team.