Announcing regex 1.9

July 5, 2023 · Andrew Gallant on behalf of The regex crate team

The regex sub-team is announcing the release of regex 1.9. The regex crate is maintained by the Rust project and is the recommended way to use regular expressions in Rust. Its defining characteristic is its guarantee of worst case linear time searches with respect to the size of the string being searched.

Releases of the regex crate aren't normally announced on this blog, but since the majority of its internals have been rewritten in version 1.9, this announcement serves to encourage extra scrutiny. If you run into any problems or performance regressions, please report them on the issue tracker or ask questions on the Discussion forum.

Few API additions have been made, but one worth calling out is the Captures::extract method that should make getting capture groups in some cases more convenient. Otherwise, the main change folks should see is hopefully faster search times.

You can read more in the CHANGELOG and in a more in depth blog post on regex crate internals as a library.