2019-10-17 Compiler Team Triage Meeting

Oct. 21, 2019 · Wesley Wiser on behalf of the compiler team

The compiler team had our weekly triage meeting on 2019-10-17. You can find the minutes on the compiler-team repository. Each week, we have general announcements from the team followed by check-ins from two of the compiler team working groups.


  • Design meeting on debuginfo strategy tomorrow (2019-10-18) on Zulip.

  • The traits working group had a design meeting yesterday on lazy normalization.

  • @nikomatsakis has been looking into lazy normalization specifically for constants and hopes to have some notes to share soon.

  • The LLVM ICE-breakers working group is nearly ready to go live.

  • @spastorino has nearly finished interning Place projections which is an incremental step to MIR 2.0.

  • @centril is continuing to work on splitting libsyntax apart which will decrease the amount of code librustc depends on.

Working group sync


  • @wesleywiser Moved promoted MIR out of mir::Body #63580

  • @wesleywiser Reimplemented the ConstProp optimization pass on top of the existing const eval code #64419

  • @spastorino Converted mir::Place to no longer be a recursive data structure #63420

  • There is ongoing work in both const prop and place refactorings.

  • We've figured out a plan for "weird" place projections like dereferences (virtual locals).

Link to full conversation


Link to full conversation