2019-10-22 Infrastructure Team Meeting

Oct. 22, 2019 · Pietro Albini on behalf of the infrastructure team

Meeting run by pietroalbini. Mintues written by pietroalbini.
Attending: aidanhs, alexcrichton, kennytm, Mark-Simulacrum, pietroalbini, shepmaster
Start of the conversation

News from the team

  • All the AWS resources related to the bastion are now managed with Terraform. The documentation on how to add whitelisted IPs has also been updated.
  • Crater agents are now deployed with Ansible, and the related AWS resources are now managed with Terraform. Agents are configured to check for updates every 5 minutes.
  • There was an outage of docs.rs on Sunday night, the postmortem is going to be published soon on the "Inside Rust" blog and work on the action items from it is ongoing.

Putting a CDN in front of the CI S3 buckets (pietroalbini)

After an audit of our bandwidth usage for the rust-lang-ci-sccache2 and rust-lang-ci-mirrors S3 buckets we discovered CI is pulling respectively 8.3 TB and 1.4 TB from them each month. Egress from S3 is pricey (0.09$/GB), while for us egress from CloudFront is way cheaper (0.04$/month, as across all of our distributions we transfer out more than 150 TB each month). Putting CloudFront in front of them is going to save us an estimate of 485$/month.

Thankfully all the data in those buckets is immutable (mirrors are versioned and all caches are addressed by hash), so there are not going to be any problems due to cache invalidation. Sccache doesn’t support querying a CDN yet but aidanhs is going to write some pointers and pietroalbini is going to do the implementation work. The caches CDN is also going to query a new rust-lang-ci-caches bucket, to avoid the old naming scheme.

pietroalbini already setup ci-mirrors.rust-lang.org, and is going to do the implementation work to both create a CDN distribution for caches and switch the CI to query the CDN.

Moving infra documentation to the forge (pietroalbini)

There is an effort in the project to centralize all the internal documentation on the forge. pietroalbini proposed to move all the infra team documentation to it. Everyone agreed, as we find value in having everything reachable in a single place. aidanhs pointed out that meeting minutes should not be migrated on the forge.

Next meeting time

Europe will switch DST next week, so the next meeting will be at -1 hours for europeans and at the same time for everyone else on the team.