2019-11-07 Compiler Team Triage Meeting

Nov. 11, 2019 · Wesley Wiser on behalf of the compiler team

The compiler team had our weekly triage meeting on 2019-11-07. You can find the minutes on the compiler-team repository. Each week, we have general announcements from the team followed by check-ins from two of the compiler team working groups.


  • @pnkfelix is moving to the US and will be working in the Eastern timezone.

  • @wesleywiser has been working on the constant propagation pass and wants to turn it on for debug & release builds to improve compilation time.

  • Rust 1.39 has shipped with async/await support and other goodies.

Working group sync


We ran out of time this week to have a check-in from this working group.


This working group is currently on a pause.