Governance Working Group Update

Dec. 3, 2019 · Nell Shamrell-Harrington on behalf of the Governance WG

Hello everyone! Two weeks ago the governance working group met. Here are the large issues we discussed and information on our next meeting.

Edit: This post was prepared last week but was accidentally not merged. Apologies for the short notice about the topic of this week's meeting! --nikomatsakis

Large Issues Discussed

We reviewed the current governance RFC and noted governance items that have been added since the RFC was written. We also noted things that have changed or have just not happened, as well as things that could be improved. Please see the full notes for more details.

Next Meeting

Next meeting will be at 22:00 UTC on Tuesday, December 3 and will be focused on the need for a GitHub Access Policy.

We'd like to encourage anyone who's interested, regardless of their previous experience to come to the #wg-governance channel on Discord to attend the meeting. (Our meetings are done over a video call with Zoom, but we use the Discord channel to organise ourselves).

If there are other issues you would like to see us discuss or discuss with us, please mention them in a comment on this GitHub issue.