Announcing the Team

Dec. 9, 2019 · QuietMisdreavus on behalf of The Rustdoc Team

Today we're announcing a brand new team: The Team!

Previously, has been managed by the Rustdoc Team, as many of the initial concerns of were shared by Rustdoc as was being brought into team maintainership. However, as time went on, those concerns started to diverge more and more, and so did the people who contributed to either tool.

The new Team will be responsible for the operations and development for, leaving the Rustdoc Team to be responsible for the Rustdoc tool itself. @QuietMisdreavus will be leading the new Team, leaving @GuillaumeGomez to lead the Rustdoc Team.

Joining QuietMisdreavus on the Team is GuillaumeGomez, coordinating work between Rustdoc and; @onur, the original creator of; @pietroalbini, who has coordinated work in from the perspective of the Infrastrucure Team; and introducing @jyn514, who has worked to improve the developer experience of contributing to by converting the local development configuration to use docker-compose!

To get involved with either team, join us on Discord! The Rustdoc Team hangs out in #rustdoc, and the Team hangs out in #docs-rs.