Congrats to compiler team members matthewjasper and wesleywiser

Dec. 19, 2019 · Felix S. Klock II on behalf of the compiler team

I am pleased to announce that @matthewjasper and @wesleywiser have been made full members of the compiler team.

@matthewjasper has been a huge contributor to the Non-Lexical Lifetimes (NLL) work, filing issues and fixing bugs starting way back in 2017. Matthew has also been fixing compiler soundness bugs and making miscellaneous improvements to Rust's Middle Intermediate Representation (MIR). Most recently, Matthew has removed all uses of gensym from the compiler, as well as the gensym functionality itself (which was implemented in a way that injected subtle bugs with incremental compilation).

@wesleywiser first started contributing to Rust way back in 2015, before even the 1.0 release, with various documentation fixes. Since then, Wesley has improved the incremental compilation system, added MIR optimization passes like constant-propagation and inlining, and has been part of the compiler's self-profiler effort, starting with its first version and continuing today as a co-lead of WG-self-profile.

Congratulations to both @matthewjasper and @wesleywiser, and thanks for all of your contributions to the project!