Announcing the Cleanup Crew ICE-breaker group

Feb. 6, 2020 · Santiago Pastorino on behalf of the compiler team

Following Niko Matsakis' announcement of the LLVM ICE-breaker group, I'm pleased to announce the Cleanup Crew ICE-breaker group. It follows the same principle, if you know Rust and would like to contribute to rustc -- but without knowing about the compiler or taking on a large commitment -- then the Cleanup Crew ICE-breaker group might well be for you!

What is the Cleanup Crew ICE-breaker group?

The "Cleanup Crew" are focused on improving bug reports. Specifically, the goal is to try to ensure that every bug report has all the information that will be needed for someone to fix it:

  • a minimal, standalone example that shows the problem
  • links to duplicates or related bugs
  • if the bug is a regression (something that used to work, but no longer does), then a bisection to the PR or nightly that caused the regression

This kind of cleanup is invaluable in getting bugs fixed.

Who should join?

It can be done by anybody who knows Rust, without any particularly deep knowledge of the compiler. If you want to be part of it and be notified about things to do, just add yourself to the list! When we come across a suitable bug, we'll write a message that @-mentions every Github user on that team. If you have some time, maybe you can provide some useful information.

You can find more information about the group on it's rustc-dev-guide section.


Since this blog post was written, the "ICE-breaker" groups have been renamed to "notification groups".