2020-02-06 Compiler Team Triage Meeting

Feb. 7, 2020 · Wesley Wiser on behalf of the compiler team

The compiler team had our weekly triage meeting on 2020-02-06. You can find the minutes on the compiler-team repository. Each week, we have general announcements from the team followed by check-ins from two of the compiler team working groups.


Working group sync


  • The Chalk dependency has been updated which dramatically reduced crashes.

  • cargo check handling has been moved ino the server so all editors not just VS Code benefit.

  • @matklad and @nikomatsakis have been working on an RFC to merge RLS and Rust Analyzer officially.

  • Work is proceeding on "production readiness".

    • Binary releases are available on the project's GitHub page.
    • Planning to publish to VS Code extension marketplace "soon".


  • The "Minimum Viable Product" has been completed!

    • Self-profling is enabled for all perf.rust-lang.org runs and we automatically publish the data. (Example)
  • @mw implemented query-key recording so queries can now be attributed to individual query invocations.

  • The crox utility, which generates Chromium profiler compatible trace data, can now generate profiles for entire Cargo invocations via the --dir flag.

    • This allows inspecting various rustc processes and their individual threads on a common timeline with full query data.
  • Quite a few people have tried -Zself-profile and have said they found it very useful!