Please welcome jtgeibel as team co-lead!

Feb. 20, 2020 · Sean Griffin on behalf of the team

I'm happy to announce some changes in the leadership of the team. Justin Geibel (jtgeibel) will be joining me as co-lead. Justin will be replacing Ashley Williams, who has been very busy lately with other commitments.

Justin has been involved in the team since the summer of 2017. In addition to general "gardening" tasks (Justin has over 140 PRs to the repo!), he has made a number of improvements and changes:

  • Refactoring of error handling logic and the test harness
  • CI improvements to caching behavior and build times
  • Added a boot time option to use hyper as the web server, with the goal of eventually switching over in production

Please join me in extending a sincere congratulations 🎉 to Justin, as well as a big thank you ❤️ to Ashley for all of the work she did as co-lead of the team thus far.