Governance Working Group Update: Meeting 27 February 2020

Feb. 27, 2020 · Val Grimm on behalf of The Governance WG

Hello everyone!

This was the first governance working group meeting on Zulip. The following meeting will take place on 12 March. Reminder that EST & PST have changed to DST (summer time) as of 8 March, and CET will not change to DST until 29 March. These are most active timezones at present in governance wg so other timezones not evaluated.

The agenda included

  1. Access policy RFC draft from Nell
  2. Pre-RFC process - determine right place to talk about this
  3. Follow-up on moving (community, devtools, nursery) to rust-lang

You can find the detailed minutes on the wg-governance repository, but here is a quick summary:

  • Access policy RFC draft
    • Approved to submit as RFC
  • Pre-RFC process
    • Discussing on 12 March
  • Follow-up on moving (community, devtools, nursery) to rust-lang
    • Not complete, but some items discussed, list in official minutes

There was additional off-agenda discussion after meeting about

  • Meeting Length

    • Outcome: 45-60 minutes
  • Handling Alumni

    • Need to define what info is needed
    • How talk about team Alumni who are not project alumni
    • Further discussion between XAMPPRocky and PietroAlbini, needs to be reported
  • Intro to contributing

    • Need a general intro as current info focused on main groups
    • Needs followup
  • Followup items not addressed on 12 March can be addressed in later meetings or async on Zulip, outcomes will be reported. Zulip thread links will be included in meeting summary blog posts in future.

Next meeting

  • Our next meeting will be 12 March 2020 via Zulip 18-19 CET / 1pm-2pm EST / 10-11am PST.
  • In 2020 the agenda is always at
  • Current plan is:
    1. Pre-RFC process
    2. How to manage RFC discussion
    3. Plan agenda for next time, see Action Items in minutes from Feb 27