March Lang Team Design Meetings

Mar. 11, 2020 · Niko Matsakis on behalf of the language team

We've scheduled our language team design meetings for March. We have plans for two meetings:

  • March 16th -- we will summarize discussions from the ffi-unwind project group about whether we should permit foreign exceptions to propagate across the "C" ABI boundary, or establish a separate ABI (e.g., "C unwind") for such cases.
  • March 23rd -- we will talk with James Munns about Sealed Rust (see the blog posts The Pitch and The Plan)

About the language team design meetings

The idea of the design meeting is that it's a time for us to have in-depth discussions on some particular topic. This might be a burning problem that we've discovered, an update on some existing design work, or a forward looking proposal.

The meetings are open for anyone to listen in and attend. They are typically also recorded and posted online, along with minutes, after the fact. They generally take place on Mondays at "noon Boston time" -- but for the precise scheduling you should check the lang team calendar. Scheduled meetings are subject to change and cancelation. In that case, the calendar events will be updated.