The rustc-guide is now rustc-dev-guide

Mar. 13, 2020 · mark-i-m on behalf of the rustc dev guide working group

You may or may not be aware of two similarly named resources:

What's the difference? The "rustc book" is intended as a guide for users of the compiler. The "rustc-guide" is intended as a guide for developers of the compiler. However, the names have always been confusingly similar.

For that reason, we have decided to rename the rustc-guide to rustc-dev-guide. You can now find it at

We have put significant work into finding and updating links around the rust-lang/* repos. We have also put up a website in place of the former rustc-guide website that redirects to the new one.

To update your git clone of the (former) rustc-guide repo, you can do the following:

git remote set-url origin

This will change where git thinks the origin remote repo is to rust-lang/rustc-dev-guide.

You can find more information in this issue. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us either by opening an issue on the rustc-dev-guide repo or on our zulip channel.