Governance Working Group Update: Meeting 12 March 2020

Mar. 17, 2020 · Nell Shamrell-Harrington on behalf of The Governance WG

Hello everyone!

We held another meeting of the Rust Governance Working Group on Zulip on 12 March.

The agenda included

  1. Follow up on the Project Group RFC
  2. Follow up on moving repositories (community, devtools, and nursery) into the Rust-Lang GitHub Org
  3. Pre-RFC process
  4. How to manage RFC discussion
  5. Plan Agenda for Next time

You can find the detailed minutes on the wg-governance repository, but here is a quick summary:

Next meeting

  • Our next meeting will be 26 March 2020 via Zulip 18-19 CET / 1pm-2pm EST / 10-11am PST.
  • In 2020 the agenda is always at
  • Current plan is:
    1. Domain Working Group changes
    2. Pre-RFC RFC (if ready)