Governance Working Group Update: Meeting 09 April 2020

Apr. 14, 2020 · Nell Shamrell-Harrington on behalf of The Governance WG

Greetings Rustaceans!

The Rust Governance Working Group held another meeting on Zulip on 09 April.

The agenda included:

  1. Follow up on the Project Group RFC
  2. Pre-RFC process
  3. Domain Working Group Retrospective

You can find the detailed minutes on the wg-governance repository, but here is a quick summary:

  • Follow up on the Project Group RFC
    • Defined roles of "lead" and "liason"
  • Discussed the initial Pre-RFC process draft
  • We ran out of time before getting to the Domain Working Group retrospective, but look forward to covering it at the next meeting!

Next meeting

  • Our next meeting will be 23 April 2020 via Zulip 18-19 CET / 1pm-2pm EST / 10-11am PST.