Governance Working Group Update: Meeting 23 April 2020

Apr. 23, 2020 · Val Grimm on behalf of The Governance WG

Greetings Rustaceans!

The Rust Governance Working Group held another meeting on Zulip on 23 April.

The agenda included:

  1. Follow up on the Project Group RFC
  2. Pre-RFC process
  3. Domain Working Group Retrospective

You can find the detailed minutes on the wg-governance repository, but here is a quick summary:

Follow up on the Project Group RFC

  • Is in Final comment Period, on track to be merged by the rfcbot

Pre-RFC process

  • No update at present time

Domain Working Group Retrospective

  • There is lack of contextual clarity about how domain work relates to the Rust project in general
  • First step: Created questionnaire to be shared with Domain WG leads via email to gain clarity on this

Next meeting

  • Our next meeting will be 7 May 2020 via Zulip 17:00 UTC.