Lang Team meetings moving to new time slots

May 8, 2020 · Josh Triplett on behalf of the language team

The Rust language team holds two weekly meetings:

  • The triage meeting, where we go through open items that need language team review or guidance.
  • The design meeting, where we do in-depth dives and explorations on a specific proposal, issue, or idea.

To better accommodate the schedules of lang team members and other regular attendees, we've rescheduled the time slots for both of these meetings.

  • The triage meeting now takes place on Mondays from 12-1pm US/Pacific.
  • The design meeting now takes place on Wednesdays from 10-11am US/Pacific.

These meetings are open to the public; you can find the details on the lang team calendar. For more information on how to subscribe to the lang team calendar, see the README in the lang team repository.