Lang team design meeting update

July 8, 2020 · Niko Matsakis on behalf of the lang team

Hello! Did you know that the lang team now has regular design meetings? We use these meetings to dig deeper into the output of active project groups. After the meeting, we typically post a recording to YouTube as well as some minutes into the lang-team repository. I wanted to write a quick update listing out some of the meetings we've had recently as well as some of our upcoming meetings.

Recent lang-team design meetings

We recently held two lang-team design meetings:

How lang-team design meeting proposals work

Every proposed meeting begins with an issue on the lang-team repository. If you're curious, you can take a look at the open issues with the meeting proposal label to get an idea of what meetings are being considered; if a meeting has been scheduled, it will also be tagged with meeting scheduled and have some comments as to the current date.

We currently schedule meetings in a rather ad-hoc fashion, basically hammering it out over Zulip. I'd probably like to move us to a more "regularly scheduled" scheduling meeting, like the compiler team, but we haven't adopted such a scheme yet.

Anyone can propose a design meeting, though they are meant to be proposed mostly in conjunction with active project groups or other ongoing discussions, and not just out of the blue. Moreover, anyone is welcome to listen in on a design meeting, though you should be aware that the meeting is typically being recorded. Zoom links are available upon request.

Upcoming lang-team meeting proposals

We currently have two pending lang-team meeting proposals:

We expect to be scheduling those soon, and we'll update the issues with dates when they are available.