Lang team design meeting: minimal const generics

July 29, 2020 · Niko Matsakis on behalf of the lang team

Hello! Did you know that the lang team now has regular design meetings? We use these meetings to dig deeper into the output of active project groups. After the meeting, we typically post a recording to YouTube as well as some minutes into the lang-team repository. I wanted to write a quick update listing out some of the meetings we've had recently as well as some of our upcoming meetings.

This blog post is about the meeting we held on 2020-07-22. We discussed the idea of creating a "minimal const generics MVP", as proposed by boats in a recent blog post.

You can read the minutes from the meeting to learn more details or to find a link to the recording. In general, though, we were all pretty excited about the idea. I expect that we will be creating a project group soon around const generics and that its first goal will be working towards this MVP.