Changes to the Rustdoc team

Jan. 19, 2021 · Guillaume Gomez on behalf of the rustdoc team

Recently, there have been a lot of improvements in rustdoc. It was possible thanks to our new contributors. In light of these recent contributions, a few changes were made in the rustdoc team.

Adding a new team leader

Joshua has been helping me a lot on the leading parts by tagging issues and mentoring newcomers. But at the same time, he initiated great changes in the rustdoc codebase that led to huge performance improvements, he finished the "intra doc link" features which is now stable after years of instability (more information here). He also did multiple additional things but let's stop the listing here. :)

Overall, he's been an enormous help and making him co-lead is just making official everything's he's been doing since he joined the rustdoc team (and even before!). I'm glad to have him on the team and as co-lead.

Membership Changes

In addition to the new co-leadership nomination, we also have some new rustdoc team members to announce: @camelid and @Nemo157.

@camelid did a huge number of contributions on rustdoc, helping on the cleanup and fixing bugs.

@Nemo157 helped a lot on the "front-end" part of rustdoc (i.e. HTML/CSS/JS), not only reviewing but also fixing bugs and improving the current code.

Both of them have been contributing for a long time and we're really glad to (finally) have them on board.


With all these great new onboardings, we're expecting rustdoc to improve at much faster rate. More to come soon!