Lang team August update

Aug. 4, 2021 · Josh Triplett on behalf of the lang team

This week the lang team held its August planning meeting. We normally hold these meetings on the first Wednesday of every month.

We had a short meeting this month, just planning and scheduling the design meetings for the remainder of the month.

After each meeting, we post an update (like this one!) with notes and meeting announcements.

Upcoming design meetings

We planned two design meetings for August. Our meetings are open for anyone to join and observe. Ping nikomatsakis or joshtriplett for info about attending.

Design meeting expectations

  • The document for the meeting must be prepared by the triage meeting on Tuesday and posted to the tracking issue.
    • If it is not sent out by then, the meeting will be canceled. This gives folks 24-hour notice.
  • There is no expectation that people will read the document before the meeting. The meeting will begin with a recap of the document.
    • However, there is no rule against reading the document beforehand and providing feedback or advice on how to improve it.