In response to the moderation team resignation

Nov. 25, 2021 · The undersigned

As top-level team leads, project directors to the Foundation, and core team members, we are actively collaborating to establish next steps after the statement from the Rust moderation team.

While we are having ongoing conversations to share perspectives on the situation, we'd like to collectively state that we are all committed to the continuity and long term health of the project.

Updates on next steps will be shared with the project and wider community over the next few weeks. In the meantime, we are grateful to the interim moderators who have stepped up to provide moderation continuity to the project.

Signed, in alphabetical order,
  Aidan Hobson Sayers (Core team)
  Ashley Williams (Core team)
  Felix Klock (Compiler team co-lead)
  Florian Gilcher (Core team)
  Jan-Erik Rediger (Core team)
  Jane Lusby (Project Director for Collaboration)
  Josh Stone (Project Director for Reliability)
  Josh Triplett (Language team co-lead)
  Joshua Gould (Mod team)
  JT (Core team)
  Justin Geibel ( team co-lead)
  Khionu Sybiern (Mod team)
  Manish Goregaokar (Devtools co-lead)
  Mara Bos (Library team lead)
  Mark Rousskov (Core team)
  Nicholas Matsakis (Language team co-lead)
  Pascal Hertleif (Devtools co-lead)
  Pietro Albini (Core team)
  Ryan Levick (Core team)
  Steve Klabnik (Core team)
  Tobias Bieniek ( team co-lead)
  Tyler Mandry (Project Director for Quality)
  Wesley Wiser (Compiler team co-lead)