Rust Compiler March 2022 Steering Cycle

Mar. 11, 2022 · Felix Klock on behalf of The Compiler Team

On Friday, March 11th, the Rust Compiler team had a planning meeting for the March steering cycle.

Every fourth Friday, the Rust compiler team decides how it is going to use its scheduled steering and design meeting time over the next three Fridays.

On Friday, 18 March, we will be having a "backlog bonanza", in a similar vein to that done by T-lang, to review the list of unimplemented or partially-implemented features. pnkfelix and Jack Huey will prepare a document to drive the meeting.

On Friday, 25 March, we will be reviewing formal methods in Rust, and also discuss how to provide a stable interface to MIR, rustc's middle intermediate representation, for use by external tools (such as those developed by the formal methods community). pnkfelix and Xavier Denis will prepare a document to drive the meeting.

Note: The MIR interface topic is of interest to a number of external stakeholders, so we expect to have the document to drive the meeting ready for review well ahead of this meeting. Please reach out to pnkfelix if you are working on a project that would benefit from stable MIR, so we can determine if you should be included in the development of that document. (Of course, all are welcome at the steering meeting itself.)

On Friday, 1 April, we will discuss robust incremental compilation. The compiler team has opted to disable incremental compilation in the stable channel twice in the past year. This meeting will discuss the pervasive issues suffered by the current design, and possible strategies to validate the incremental compilation subsystem going forward. mw and Aaron Hill will prepare a document to drive the meeting.

The two meetings in March will run from 2pm to 3pm GMT.

The meeting on April 1st has a different time than normal; it will run from 4pm to 5pm GMT.

All of the meetings will take place on the T-compiler/meetings zulip stream.

You can find a public link to the compiler team calendar here; it lists these meetings as well as a number of other meetings for the compiler team and various projects and working groups.