Changes at the Clippy Team

July 13, 2022 · Philipp Krones on behalf of The Clippy Team

New Members

We are thrilled to publicly announce that Alex Macleod, dswij, and Jason Newcomb have joined the Clippy Team!

Jason has been contributing to Clippy since late 2020 and was the most active contributor since then. He has contributed in pretty much every area - big refactors, bug fixes, and major improvements to our Clippy utils. Having him as an additional reviewer will be a great improvement to the team.

dswij first started contributing late last summer and has fixed many bugs in Clippy as well as implementing some new lints to make Clippy even more helpful. With their continued contributions to Clippy and engagement in the project, we're happy to now have them as a full team member.

Alex started contributing to Clippy shortly after and has improved our dev tooling quite a bit. Now he wants to continue focusing on our lintcheck tool, which will help detect false positives in new lints before we release them to the public. We're excited to have Alex on our team and looking forward to all the improvements he will bring in the future.

With the new additions to the team, we should be able to handle our long PR queue better. We currently have over 40 open PRs, which is a good sign for the health of the project, but doesn't help when we don't have the reviewers to merge them. Now we do!


At the same time, we recently granted some of our oldest members the well-deserved alumni status. We want to thank Pascal Hertleif and Martin Carton for all their contributions, especially in the early days. People joining today probably never worked with them on Clippy, but without them, we probably wouldn't be here.

We also want to thank Philipp Hansch for their contributions to Clippy and all of the review work they've done over the years. To this day phansch is one of the most active Clippy contributors (measured by the number of commits).

And finally, thank you to mikerite, who stepped down from an active reviewer/team member position but will be staying on as a contributor. We're looking forward to continue working with them!