Rust Compiler Early October 2022 Steering Cycle

Sept. 23, 2022 · Felix Klock on behalf of The Compiler Team

On Friday, September 23rd, the Rust Compiler team had a planning meeting for the September/October 2022 steering cycle.

T-compiler June Steering Schedule

Date Meeting Id Meeting Topic
2022-09-30 compiler-team#559 2022 Q3 P-high review
2022-10-07 compiler-team#544 Survey retrospective
2022-10-14 compiler-team#540 Dealing with disabled tests
2022-10-21 none (planning for October/November cycle)


Every fourth Friday, the Rust compiler team decides how it is going to use its scheduled steering and design meeting time over the next three Fridays.

On Friday, 30 September, we will do a quarterly review of the open P-high issues. pnkfelix will do some ahead of time work in zulip triaging some of the issues, and potentially prepare a meeting document summarizing the remainder, to maximize the quality of our synchronous in-meeting time.

On Friday, 7 October, we will do a retrospective on the 2022 T-compiler surveys that were used to drive the February ambitions post and the midyear update post. We will talk about the questions that were asked, what we wish had been asked, what value we got from the survey as it went, and what to do the same and/or differently in the future. (In principle, this meeting should inform the way that we drive the retrospective on how the year as a whole went for the compiler team.)

On Friday, 14 October, we will discuss how to deal with "disabled tests": tests that are turned off at some point (e.g. due to failures in a component we do not control). We do not currently have any protocols in place to review such tests or decide when to try to re-enabling them.

On Friday, 21 October, we will hold our planning meeting for the next steering cycle in October and November.

Each meeting will run from 2pm to 3pm GMT, and will take place on the T-compiler/meetings zulip stream.