Diversifying our Content Delivery Networks

Jan. 24, 2023 · Jan David Nose on behalf of The Rust Infrastructure Team

Over the past few weeks, the Infrastructure Team has been working on setting up a second Content Delivery Network (CDN) for releases and crates.

What is changing

Rust releases (static.rust-lang.org) and crates (static.crates.io) will be served through both AWS CloudFront and Fastly.

This is a transparent change to the infrastructure that doesn't require users or developers to take any action. We expect no downtime for Rust users as part of the migration.

This also covers only the CDNs for releases (static.rust-lang.org) and crates.io (static.crates.io), no changes are planned for the rest of Rust's domains.


We are starting the rollout of the new CDN tomorrow, on January 25th, with static.crates.io.

The rollout will happen very gradually over a period of time. We will start to send a small percentage of traffic through Fastly, while observing the performance and reliability of the new network. As we gain confidence, we will slowly increase the amount of traffic.

Once static.crates.io has been deployed, we will start working on static.rust-lang.org.

Report issues

If something does break, please let the Infrastructure Team know on #t-infra on Zulip.