Welcome Arlo and Scott to the Cargo Team

Apr. 6, 2023 · Eric Huss on behalf of The Cargo Team

We are excited to welcome Arlo Siemsen and Scott Schafer as new members to the Cargo Team!

Arlo has been instrumental in bringing Cargo's new sparse registry support to fruition, which significantly improves registry performance. He has been involved with registry design and authentication discussions, and has been closely working with the team over the past year.

Scott has been very active in the past year, working on various parts of Cargo, namely implementing workspace inheritance. Since then, he has been helping with maintenance and designing new features.

With their help we now have capacity to start thinking about how feature development should be done moving forward. We are still in early discussions of processes for matching feature development with reviewer capacity, and will share more in the future. Thanks to Arlo and Scott for their help, and we are very much looking forward to having them as a part of the team!