Rotating Rust compiler team leadership

Aug. 2, 2023 · Wesley Wiser on behalf of the compiler team

As initiated in late 2020 and ratified by RFC 3262, the Rust compiler team uses a rotating system of co-leads. After two and a half years, we've decided its time to rotate the leadership again!

Welcome David Wood

Felix Klock is stepping down from his role as senior lead and David Wood is joining Wesley Wiser as the new junior lead for the team.

Felix remains a valued member of the compiler team (and also the language design team). Felix will be focusing on reducing the sizes of Rust futures, and on improving the state of the art for authoring Unsafe Rust, via projects such as Krabcake.

David has been a contributor to the Rust project since 2017, a compiler-contributor since 2019 and became a compiler team member in 2021. His contributions include work on the diagnostic translation effort, split DWARF support, polymorphisation, non-lexical lifetimes initiative and general maintenance to the compiler. David has also been a contributor to the governance and organization of the compiler team itself via policy proposals and regular participation in our weekly triage and steering meetings.

Felix and I are excited to welcome David into this leadership role and I am thrilled to be working alongside him.