Seeking help for initial Leadership Council initiatives

Aug. 25, 2023 · Mark Rousskov on behalf of the leadership council

Having not heard any significant disagreement with the first set of proposed priorities, we are moving ahead with forming subgroups that will work towards defining and completing the work needed to drive these forward. We plan to re-assess priorities regularly, but for now these are our main work items (in no particular order). We have some initial volunteers who will be pushing these initiatives forward, but for all of these we are also looking for support from any interested people. Please reach out on Zulip in #council if you'd like to help out with any of these in some capacity, or to the initial volunteers called out here.

  • Establishing plans for how to strengthen the moderation team (i.e., 2 is not a sustainable number) and strengthen moderation policies.
    • Josh Gould is leading, with support from Eric Holk. Their top priority is finding additional moderators and forming a contingent moderator team.
  • Figuring out the "shape" of the Rust Project. The Leadership Council needs to reflect the will of the Rust Project so it is important to know who that includes.
    • Eric Huss is leading, with support from Jack Huey. They're working on defining the initial set of priorities here now.
  • Documenting and improving processes for interaction with the Rust Foundation including formalising the role of project directors in this process (the trademark policy process may be part of this).
    • We are looking for someone to help lead this initiative, with support from Mark Rousskov and Ryan Levick, two of the current project directors. One of the proposed first concrete deliverables might be working towards a path forward on the trademark issue, using that as a stepping stone to defining broader policies. We're intentionally looking for someone not directly involved previously to help give an outside perspective as the lead.

Please reach out if you're interested in helping!