Leadership Council Membership Changes

Aug. 29, 2023 · Carol Nichols on behalf of the leadership council

As of today, Khionu Sybiern will no longer be the representative of the Moderation team on the Leadership Council, and she is also stepping down from the Moderation Team entirely, for personal reasons. She hopes to return to contributing in the future. Josh Gould will be joining the Leadership Council as the Moderation Team representative.

We thank Khionu for her extensive time and incredibly important contributions to the Moderation Team and the Leadership Council. We wish her the best, and that she returns to the Rust community when she's ready. We thank Josh for being able to fill the Leadership Council role and look forward to working with them!

We had already begun working on growing the essential Moderation Team before; because of that and Khio stepping down, we are also pleased to announce that Oliver Scherer (oli-obk) has joined the Moderation Team. Please join us in welcoming Oli!