November 2023 Leadership Council Update

Nov. 13, 2023 · Leadership Council on behalf of Leadership Council

Hello again from the Rust Leadership Council! We wanted to share an update on what the Council has been working on since our last update.

Accomplishments so far

We have elected new project directors! Through the great work of the Project Director Election Process Committee, we have defined a process for selecting Project Directors for the Rust Foundation Board of Directors. We carried out the process, and recently announced the new directors. We will be following up with a retrospective to identify what went well and what can be improved, and feed those improvements back into the process for next year.

We have established a new home for Project governance documentation at As changes to the governance policies are accepted via the RFC process, we intend to update this documentation so that there is a single place for the current policy. Additionally, we plan to grow this documentation to include more Project-wide policies, and to possibly include information about the teams within the Project.

Additionally, the Rust Forge has been updated to grant merge permissions to anyone on the teams hosting content there. Any team that wants to include their own content on the Forge is welcome to add themselves to the permissions list.

The documentation at has been updated with some more information about how the Council itself works internally. The Council issue backlog is now being tracked at, along with documentation on how Council issue tracking is intended to work. Anyone is welcome to open an issue if you have a question or have a proposal for some new policy or process.

Additionally, we are now tracking a schedule of upcoming and recurring events and deadlines for the Council. Although this is a somewhat primitive system, it can be helpful to keep an eye on tasks.

We have added a process for having observers join the Council meetings. If a Rust Project team member is interested in joining the meeting, just let us know on Zulip or contact a Council member.

We have accepted RFC 3501 to start the process to release the 2024 Edition next year, to set up a group to make that happen, and to set a regular cadence moving forward. We are looking forward to getting this process underway. If you are interested in helping with the 2024 Edition, please join us on the #edition Zulip stream.

Thanks to the help of the infrastructure team, there is now an official Mastodon server currently hosting the account. This account will be posting the same as the @rustlang Twitter/X account.

The beginning steps have started with defining the "shape of the Rust Project" initiative. We hope to have more to share on this in the coming months as we start ramping up. For anyone that is interested in participating, please join us on Zulip in the #council stream.

Meeting Minutes

We publish minutes from all Council meetings to the Leadership Council repo. Links to the minutes since our last update are: