May 2024 Leadership Council Update

May 14, 2024 · Eric Huss on behalf of Leadership Council

Hello again from the Rust Leadership Council! We wanted to share an update on what the Council has been working on since our last update.

Accomplishments so far team moved

As part of RFC #3595, the team moved from a top-level team to be a part of Dev tools. As part of this transfer, carols10cents has stepped down from the Council. We are very grateful for Carol's support and being a part of the inaugural group of representatives.

Project goals

The Council approved RFC 3614 which kicks off an experimental program to define project goals, along with owners responsible for those goals.

Work on the project goals is being coordinated in the rust-project-goals repository and the #project-goals-2024h2 Zulip stream.

Completed representative selections

Every 6 months, half the Council representatives need to be chosen by their respective teams. This was completed in March (see this post), where the existing representatives are continuing for a second term. The next selections will happen in September.

RustConf coordination

The Council has been coordinating with the Foundation for planning RustConf which will be happening September 10-13, 2024 in Montreal, Canada and online. More information about the Program Committee and RustConf in general can be found in the Foundation's CFP post and the RustConf website.

Additional items

And a few other items:

Ongoing work

There are various efforts underway on projects that have had significant discussions since the last update, but have not concluded with any decisions, yet. They are:

  • The Council, the Foundation, and the Project Directories have been having extensive conversations around budgeting and funding. The Foundation is providing a means for the Council to directly fund its priorities, and we have been investigating how best to do that. In the short term, we have approved an experiment for providing travel funding for Project members going to Rust events.
  • Investigation and discussions around the Rust trademarks, and what if any policy changes we should enact.
  • Coordinating with the Foundation for determining how to handle the Foundation Fellowships in 2024.
  • Considering if and how some funded role like a support staff member could assist the Council and perhaps other areas of the project. See discussion on Zulip.

Shape of the Rust Project

We are continuing to work on the "shape of the Rust Project" initiative.

One thing we are trying to do is to bring more clarity around the people who are at the blurry edges of what we define the "Rust Project" to be. For example, Rust's Youtube channel is currently managed and moderated by people both in and outside of the org. We've been trying to figure out how to make the relationship of people like that clearer, such as forming teams to cover who is responsible for the channel.

Eric Huss is looking into creating policy and guidelines around setting up team charters. This is intended to help bring clarity around all the teams, such as what their responsibilities are and how the teams work.

JP wrote a post on The Rust Society to explore his ideas about what belongs in the Rust organization.

David Wood wrote a post On the shape of the Rust project after some discussions at Rust Nation.

Meeting Minutes

We publish minutes from all Council meetings to the Leadership Council repo. Links to the minutes since our last update are: