This is the "Inside Rust" blog. This blog is aimed at those who wish to follow along with Rust development. The various Rust teams and working groups use this blog to post status updates, calls for help, and other similar announcements.

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Posts in 2022

June 28 1.62.0 pre-release testing
June 21 2021 Annual Survey Report
June 3 Rust Compiler June 2022 Steering Cycle
May 26 Concluding the events of last November
May 19 Governance Update
May 16 1.61.0 pre-release testing
May 10 CTCFT 2022-05-16 Agenda
Apr. 20 Rust Library Team Aspirations
Apr. 19 Imposter Syndrome
Apr. 18 Please welcome Thom and Chris to Library Contributors
Apr. 15 Rust Compiler April 2022 Steering Cycle
Apr. 12 CTCFT 2022-04-18 Agenda
Apr. 6 Lang team April update
Apr. 4 Rust Lang Roadmap for 2024
Apr. 4 1.60.0 pre-release testing
Mar. 31 Changes at the Cargo Team
Mar. 16 CTCFT 2022-03-21 Agenda
Mar. 11 Rust Compiler March 2022 Steering Cycle
Mar. 9 Lang team March update
Feb. 22 Rust Compiler Ambitions for 2022
Feb. 22 1.59.0 pre-release testing
Feb. 18 Lang team February update
Feb. 17 Rust Compiler February 2022 Steering Cycle
Feb. 11 CTCFT 2022-02-21 Agenda
Feb. 3 Async Rust in 2022
Jan. 18 Rust Compiler January 2022 Steering Cycle
Jan. 11 1.58.0 pre-release testing

Posts in 2021

Dec. 17 Follow-up on the moderation issue
Nov. 30 1.57.0 pre-release testing
Nov. 25 In response to the moderation team resignation
Nov. 15 Please welcome The 8472 and Ashley Mannix to Library Contributors
Oct. 18 1.56.0 pre-release testing
Oct. 8 Lang team October update
Sept. 7 1.55.0 pre-release testing
Sept. 6 Splitting the const generics features
Aug. 4 Lang team August update
July 30 Rust Compiler August Steering Cycle
July 26 1.54.0 pre-release testing
July 12 Lang team July update
July 2 Rust Compiler July Steering Cycle
July 1 What the Error Handling Project Group is Working Towards
June 23 Rust Compiler June Steering Cycle
June 15 Please welcome Boxy, Léo Lanteri Thauvin and the8472 to compiler-contributors
June 15 1.53.0 pre-release testing
May 4 Core Team Update: May 2021
May 4 1.52.0 pre-release testing
Apr. 28 Rustup 1.24.0 release incident report for 2021-04-27
Apr. 26 Congrats to compiler team member Aaron Hill
Apr. 20 Jacob Hoffman-Andrews joins the Rustdoc team
Apr. 17 Lang team April update
Apr. 15 Rust Compiler April Steering Cycle
Apr. 3 Core Team updates
Mar. 23 1.51.0 pre-release testing
Mar. 4 Planning the Rust 2021 Edition
Mar. 3 Lang team March update
Feb. 15 March Sprint for rustc: Shrink Memory Usage
Feb. 9 1.50.0 pre-release testing
Feb. 3 Lang team February update
Feb. 1 Welcoming David Wood to compiler team and Jack Huey to compiler-contributors
Jan. 26 Rust & the case of the disappearing stack frames
Jan. 19 Changes to the Rustdoc team
Jan. 15 Rustdoc performance improvements

Posts in 2020

Dec. 29 1.49.0 pre-release testing
Dec. 28 Please welcome cjgillot and Nadrieril to compiler-contributors
Dec. 14 Changes to Rust compiler team
Nov. 23 What the Error Handling Project Group is Working On
Nov. 16 1.48.0 pre-release testing
Nov. 15 Using rustc_codegen_cranelift for debug builds
Nov. 12 Source-based code coverage in nightly
Nov. 11 Exploring PGO for the Rust compiler
Oct. 23 Core team membership changes
Oct. 16 Lang team Backlog Bonanza and Project Proposals
Oct. 7 1.47.0 second pre-release testing
Oct. 6 1.47.0 pre-release testing
Sept. 29 Announcing the Portable SIMD Project Group
Sept. 18 Announcing the Error Handling Project Group
Sept. 17 Intra-doc links close to stabilization
Aug. 30 Changes to defaults
Aug. 28 Upcoming compiler-team design meetings
Aug. 24 1.46.0 pre-release testing
July 29 Lang team design meeting: well-formedness and type aliases
July 29 Lang team design meeting: minimal const generics
July 27 Opening up the Core Team agenda
July 27 1.45.1 prerelease testing
July 23 Rust's CI is moving to GitHub Actions
July 17 Traits working group 2020 sprint 3 summary
July 9 Lang team design meeting: path to membership
July 8 Lang team design meeting update
July 2 Ownership of the standard library implementation
June 29 Disk space and LTO improvements
June 9 Announcing the Windows and ARM notification groups
June 8 Upcoming compiler-team design meetings
June 8 New inline assembly syntax available in nightly
May 27 2020 Contributor Survey
May 26 A retrospective on the 2018 redesign
May 18 Traits working group 2020 sprint 2 summary
May 8 Lang Team meetings moving to new time slots
Apr. 23 Governance Working Group Update: Meeting 23 April 2020
Apr. 14 Governance Working Group Update: Meeting 09 April 2020
Apr. 10 Upcoming compiler-team design meetings
Apr. 10 April Lang Team Design Meetings
Apr. 7 Update on the GitHub Actions evaluation
Mar. 28 Traits working group 2020 sprint 1 summary
Mar. 27 Goodbye, docs team
Mar. 26 rustc-dev-guide Overview
Mar. 19 Resolving Rust's forward progress guarantees
Mar. 18 All Hands Retrospective
Mar. 17 Governance Working Group Update: Meeting 12 March 2020
Mar. 13 Upcoming compiler-team design meetings
Mar. 13 This Week in Rust is looking for a new maintainer.
Mar. 13 The rustc-guide is now rustc-dev-guide
Mar. 11 March Lang Team Design Meetings
Mar. 4 Recent and future pattern matching improvements
Feb. 27 Pietro Albini has joined the core team
Feb. 27 Governance Working Group Update: Meeting 27 February 2020
Feb. 27 Announcing the first FFI-unwind project design meeting
Feb. 26 incident report for 2020-02-20
Feb. 25 Intro to rustc's self profiler
Feb. 20 Please welcome jtgeibel as team co-lead!
Feb. 14 Upcoming compiler-team design meetings
Feb. 11 Governance Working Group Update: Meeting 11 February 2020
Feb. 7 2020-02-06 Compiler Team Triage Meeting
Feb. 6 Announcing the Cleanup Crew ICE-breaker group
Jan. 24 Upcoming compiler-team design meetings
Jan. 24 February Lang Team Design Meetings
Jan. 23 cargo-audit v0.11: Introducing the `fix` feature, yanked crate detection, and more
Jan. 14 Governance Working Group Update: Meeting 14 January 2020
Jan. 10 Lang Team Design Meetings
Jan. 10 Cargo in 2020

Posts in 2019

Dec. 23 Formatting the compiler tree
Dec. 20 Governance Working Group Update: Meeting 17 December 2019
Dec. 20 An Update from WG-Learning
Dec. 20 2019-12-17 Infrastructure Team Meeting
Dec. 19 Congrats to compiler team members matthewjasper and wesleywiser
Dec. 18 Bisecting Rust Compiler Regressions with cargo-bisect-rustc
Dec. 11 2019-12-10 Infrastructure Team Meeting
Dec. 10 Governance Working Group Update
Dec. 9 Announcing the Team
Dec. 4 2019-11-18 IDE team meeting
Dec. 3 Governance Working Group Update
Dec. 2 Constant propagation is now on by default in nightly
Nov. 25 `if` and `match` in constants on nightly rust
Nov. 22 Upcoming compiler-team design meetings
Nov. 22 2019-11-14 and 2019-11-21 Lang Team Triage Meetings
Nov. 19 2019-11-19 Infrastructure Team Meeting
Nov. 19 2019-11-14 Compiler Team Triage Meeting
Nov. 18 2019-11-12 Infrastructure Team Meeting
Nov. 14 Evaluating GitHub Actions
Nov. 13 Governance WG Call For Participation
Nov. 11 2019-11-07 Compiler Team Triage Meeting
Nov. 7 2019-10-31 Compiler Team Triage Meeting
Nov. 6 2019-11-05 Infrastructure Team Meeting
Nov. 4 Clippy is removing its plugin interface
Oct. 30 2019-10-24 Compiler Team Triage Meeting
Oct. 29 2019-10-29 Infrastructure Team Meeting
Oct. 28 The Rustc Dev Guide Working Group - An Introduction
Oct. 25 Planning meeting update
Oct. 24 outage postmortem
Oct. 24 Please welcome pnkfelix as compiler team co-lead!
Oct. 22 Announcing the LLVM ICE-breaker group
Oct. 22 2019-10-22 Infrastructure Team Meeting
Oct. 21 2019-10-17 Compiler Team Triage Meeting
Oct. 17 Please welcome ecstatic-morse to compiler-contributors
Oct. 15 2019-10-10 Infrastructure Team Meeting
Oct. 15 2019-10-10 Compiler Team Triage Meeting
Oct. 11 Improving async-await's "Future is not Send" diagnostic
Oct. 11 2019-10-10 Lang Team Triage Meeting
Oct. 7 Async Foundations Update: Time for polish!
Oct. 3 Keeping Rust projects secure with cargo-audit 0.9: dependency trees, core advisories, unmaintained crates
Sept. 25 Welcome to the Inside Rust blog!